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Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Buccal fat pad removal is a surgical procedure used to reduce the facial fat in the lower part of the cheeks to achieve a more sculpted appearance. By removing the cheek fat in the lower part of the face, the cheekbones appear higher and the face appears more slender and chiseled.

Buccal fat pads are distinct pockets of fat in the lower cheeks that largely determine how round or full an individual’s face may appear. Large buccal fat pads give the appearance of a chubbier face. Buccal fat pad removal, therefore, reduces cheek volume, resulting in a slimmer and more contoured facial appearance.

A buccal fat removal procedure is frequently combined with liposuction of the neck to achieve an overall contoured and chiseled appearance of the lower face, chin, jawline, and neck.

As with any plastic surgery, choosing the right doctor is essential. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sepideh Saber brings a sensitive and understanding approach to all of her procedures. Her attention to detail is appreciated by her patients who praise her skilled artistic touch and compassionate approach.


Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Facial contouring with buccal fat pad removal offers individuals the following benefits:

  • Reduces cherubic appearance (aka having a “baby face” or “chipmunk cheeks”)
  • Reduces a weighed-down appearance of the face
  • Sharpens the facial profile and contours the face
  • Increases jawline definition and give the appearance of higher cheekbones


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Is Facial Contouring with Buccal Fat Pad Removal Right for Me?

Facial contouring of this type is best for the generally healthy patient who is bothered by the full appearance of his or her face. Because individuals tend to lose facial fat with age, buccal fat pad removal is not recommended for those with slender faces. If you are not sure whether or not this applies to you, feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss the best approach in your case.

As with all procedures, it is important to have realistic expectations. Dr. Saber will carefully explain the most likely outcomes as well as all of the potential risks and benefits.

What is the Process for Buccal Fat Removal?

The procedure begins with either general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or a combination of both depending on the patient’s needs. The goal is to ensure the patient is comfortable. Dr. Saber then makes a small incision on the inside of the mouth to remove the right amount of buccal fat. Afterward, the incision is closed and there are no visible scars on the outside.

What Can Patients Expect During the Recovery Process?

For the first few days following your procedure, you will need to remain on a soft diet and use a special mouth rinse. Although some swelling is expected immediately after the surgery, any discomfort can be managed by icing and over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Because of swelling, it may sometimes be difficult to see results immediately after the surgery. Dr. Saber may instruct you to sleep with your head elevated for the first two to three nights following your surgery. However, as swelling decreases and the cheeks begin to reshape, the initial outcomes will start to show. You will typically be able to return to most normal activities within one week. The full outcome will appear in about three to six weeks.


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