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Chin Contouring

Chin Contouring

Chin contouring is a plastic surgery procedure that reshapes the chin for a more balanced facial appearance. Depending on the patient’s facial anatomy and aesthetic goals, the chin can either be augmented, reduced, or otherwise recontoured.

Dr. Sepideh Saber is a leading board-certified plastic surgeon with proven skills and a successful track record of providing patients of all ages and genders with thorough care and a sensitive approach. As a female plastic surgeon in a largely male-dominated field, her empathetic style has received praise from both patients and colleagues.

Types of Chin Contouring (Genioplasty)

There are two methods of chin contouring, medically known as genioplasty:

  • Sliding genioplasty
  • Chin implants

A genioplasty involves reshaping or repositioning the bony chin to achieve facial harmony.

Alternatively, a chin implant may be used to achieve a more prominent chin and a more balanced silhouette.


Chin Contouring

For those unhappy with the appearance of their chin or the overall side profile of their lower face, a contouring procedure can provide a more pleasing look while restoring symmetry and balance to the patient’s facial appearance. This procedure can also define the overall appearance of the jawline and significantly improve the appearance of a “double chin.”


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Which Chin Contouring Surgery Is Right for You?

Chin implants are more commonly used because they are simpler and less invasive procedures and, if need be, can be reversed. Sliding genioplasty works with the patient’s natural bone tissue, which is sometimes advantageous. Since every profile is different, the only way to get a more complete answer is a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Saber.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

You may experience some swelling or bruising immediately following your procedure. For the first few days of recovery, you’ll need to take antibiotics and remain on a liquid or soft-food diet. It’s also important to rinse your mouth with water or an antiseptic solution after every meal and as directed.

While you should be able to return to most of your daily activities by the second week, any strenuous activities or contact sports should be avoided for approximately six weeks following surgery.


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