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Does your Cosmetic Surgeon have Hospital Privileges? Many Do Not!

As a highly respected board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Saber discusses why it is critical for your plastic surgeon to have hospital privileges. Hospital privileges are equally important for cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists who perform many procedures in the office.

It is important for a plastic surgeon to have hospital privileges for several reasons. Obtaining hospital privileges typically requires a thorough review of the surgeon’s education, training, experience, and professional qualifications, ensuring they meet strict standards for quality and safety.

Not all plastic surgeons have hospital privileges, particularly those who primarily perform procedures in private offices or outpatient surgery centers.

Key reasons hospital privileges are essential for plastic surgeons

There are numerous reasons why you need your cosmetic surgeon to have hospital privileges, including:

Patient safety

In the rare event that a complication arises during or after a plastic surgery procedure, having hospital privileges allows the surgeon to admit the patient to the hospital quickly and efficiently. This ensures that the patient receives prompt and appropriate care in a well-equipped facility, minimizing potential risks and improving patient outcomes. A surgeon without hospital privileges will not be allowed by a hospital to care for you.

Surgeon credentials

To obtain hospital privileges, plastic surgeons must undergo a rigorous credentialing process, which typically includes a thorough review of their education, training, experience, and professional qualifications. This process ensures that the surgeon meets strict standards for quality and safety, providing additional reassurance for patients.

Access to hospital resources

Plastic surgeons with hospital privileges have access to a wide range of resources, including specialized equipment, highly skilled staff, and the latest technologies. This allows the surgeon to provide a higher standard of care and to handle more complex cases that may require advanced techniques or specialized facilities.

Emergency care

If a patient experiences a medical emergency during a procedure or while recovering from surgery, having hospital privileges enables the plastic surgeon to seamlessly coordinate with hospital staff, ensuring timely and appropriate emergency care.

Hospital Privileges for Plastic Surgeons

Peer review and accountability

Hospital privileges require a plastic surgeon to participate in regular peer reviews and quality assessments. This helps maintain the surgeon’s professional development, adherence to best practices, and commitment to continuous improvement in patient care.

Collaboration with other specialists

Plastic surgeons with hospital privileges can easily collaborate with other medical professionals in the hospital setting. This facilitates consultations, second opinions, and interdisciplinary care, which can be invaluable when dealing with complex cases or managing patients with multiple health issues.

Check the credentials of your doctor’s outpatient surgical center

Additionally, It is recommended for plastic surgeons performing procedures at outpatient surgical centers to ensure that organizations like AAAASF or AAAHC accredit these centers. These accrediting bodies mandate that the centers adhere to stringent standards set by state and federal governments, and they conduct regular audits to maintain accreditation. Moreover, plastic surgeons operating in such surgical centers are required to hold hospital privileges at a nearby hospital.

In summary, hospital privileges for plastic surgeons are crucial in ensuring patient safety, maintaining high standards of care, and providing access to a wide range of resources and collaborative opportunities. Patients should consider choosing a plastic surgeon with hospital privileges for the added reassurance that their surgeon has been thoroughly vetted and has access to the necessary resources to manage their care effectively.

Dr. Sepideh Saber is a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon with a passion for perfection. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with hospital privileges, Dr. Saber has extensive experience in a wide range of procedures, including facelifts, mommy makeovers, and reconstructive surgery. Her boutique practice, Saber Plastic Surgery, prioritizes personalized patient care and ensures an unparalleled experience.

Hospital Privilege FAQs

What are hospital privileges?

Hospital privileges refer to the authorization granted to a healthcare professional, such as a physician or surgeon, by a hospital’s governing board to practice medicine and perform specific procedures within the hospital. In the context of plastic surgeons, hospital privileges allow them to admit patients, perform surgeries, and access hospital resources and facilities, such as operating rooms, specialized equipment, and support staff.

What is the difference between hospital affiliation and hospital privileges?

Hospital affiliation refers to a healthcare professional’s formal association or relationship with a specific hospital or healthcare system, which may involve employment, contractual agreements, or membership in the hospital’s medical staff. In contrast, hospital privileges are the specific authorizations granted by a hospital’s governing board, allowing a healthcare professional to practice medicine and perform certain procedures within that hospital based on their education, training, experience, and qualifications.

Do all doctors have hospital privileges?

No, all doctors do not have hospital privileges.

Do doctors pay for hospital privileges?

Doctors do not typically pay directly for hospital privileges. However, they may be required to pay fees associated with maintaining their medical staff membership at the hospital, which is often a prerequisite for obtaining and retaining privileges. These fees might cover administrative costs, access to hospital resources, or participation.

Why would a doctor not have hospital privileges?

There are several reasons a doctor might not have hospital privileges, including:

  • Practice setting: Some doctors work exclusively in private offices, outpatient clinics, or other non-hospital settings that do not require hospital privileges. Independent doctors may choose not to pursue hospital privileges due to administrative requirements, time commitment, or other factors.
  • Not meeting credentialing requirements: Some doctors might not have hospital privileges because they cannot meet their requirements or still need to complete the necessary steps in the credentialing process.
  • Malpractice history or disciplinary actions: A doctor with a history of malpractice, disciplinary actions, or other professional issues may be denied hospital privileges, as this could pose a risk to patient safety and the hospital’s reputation.
  • Geographic location: Doctors who practice in rural or remote areas may not have hospital privileges simply because there is no nearby hospital with which to establish a relationship.
Hospital Privileges for Plastic Surgeons

How does a doctor get hospital privileges?

Obtaining hospital privileges typically involves a rigorous credentialing process, during which the hospital evaluates the healthcare professional’s education, training, experience, and professional qualifications. This process ensures that the practitioner meets the hospital’s strict standards for quality, safety, and competency

How to find out if a doctor has hospital privileges?

To find out if a doctor has hospital privileges, you can take the following steps:

  • ask the doctor directly
  • contact the hospital
  • check online profiles
  • verify with your insurance provider
  • search state medical board websites

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Dr. Sepideh Saber, MD, FACS is one of Los Angeles’ leading plastic surgeons. As a board-certified professional, she is committed to putting her expertise in service to patients of all genders, ages, and orientations.

After graduating from Stanford University’s medical school, she completed a residency at the University of Southern California and a fellowship at New York University. Overall, she trained for over ten years in plastic and reconstructive microsurgery.

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